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Does your business searching for a high quality flour mill?

Hongdefa is a professional manufacture for flour mill with more than 35 years experience,in Addis ababa ,Lusaka,Kampala have offices

Manager Ms.Guo

is your business searching for a supplier of high quality flour mill?Located in China,if you purchase from us,we offer many additional convenient service, all of which cannot be easily provided by other flour mill machine suppliers.


Hongdefa was established in 2002, more than 300 employees. Have operation maize mills and wheat flour mills more than 30countries, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Egypt, Algeria, etc. Hongdefa has 3branch office in Africa, Lusaka/Zambia, Kinshasa/RD Congo, Addis Ababa/Ethiopia, the main factory located in Shijiazhuang, China.

The maize milling machine and wheat flour mill has obtained CE certification, ISO9000 certification, SGS certification,BV certification. Maize milling machine unique flow sheet, one set machine can processing 3 kinds of maize products, sifter super white maize meal, partly sifted flour, whole meal. Wheat flour mill is specially designed for hard wheat, soft wheat or mixed wheat, can processing bread flour, cake flour, semolina etc.



WiwiSales Representative
Working in Hongdefa from Aug 2011. Wiwi has sale the maize milling machine 150T/24h to Zambia, 250T/24h to Angola, and 300T/24h wheat flour mill to Afghanistan ,etc more mill to different countries.
JaneSales Representative
Working in Hongdefa from Aug 2009. Jane has sale the wheat flour mill to Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, etc more mill to different countries. Jane have more experience in the milling machine.
LunaSales Representative
Working in Hongdefa from Aug 2015. Kelly working for Hongdefa now 2years, and have many customers. Luna’s motto: Working Hard! You will get what you want!
VanisaSales Representative
Working in Hongdefa from April 2008. Vanisa is very experience in the flour milling business. Vanisa is very friendly , and lovely. Vanisa know very well about Africa market.
LilaSales Representative
Working in Hongdefa from Aug 2008. Lila have worked in Hongdefa more than 9years, and grow together with hongdefa. Lila’s motto : Sincerely treat every customer。
TonySales Representative
Tony in working in Hongdefa after graduation from the University. Tony have been in Uganda, and Zambia. Tony know very well about Uganda market, and Zambia market.
Grace Sales Representative
Grace is a very kind, and working very serious. If you send message to Grace, she always reply you within 2hours. And Grace have sell maize milling machine and wheat flour mill to Tanzania, Uganda etc
PennySales Representative
Penny working is serious and responsible. Penny have been in Tanzania, and know very well about the Tanzania market.Penny’s motto: Provide you with the best service.